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Nurses’ Webinar Club provides easy online CPD helping you to develop your knowledge and skills in Small Animal Nursing. Your annual Membership gives you unlimited access- watch whenever you like. Use your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop to learn wherever you are. There’s a new live webinar each month and the recordings are then available for you to view at any time. There’s a huge range of webinars waiting for you in Nurses’ Webinar Club, including:-

  • Nursing priorities in the critical in-patient
  • Fluid therapy – when, which and how?
  • The Acute Neurology Patient and Physiotherapy
  • Basic principles of Fracture repair
  • GI Diets – What, When and Why?
  • The Secrets of Blood Smear Examination
  • Spotting and assessing lameness and other mobility problems in dogs
  • Anaesthesia and Perioperative care of the geriatric patient
  • Radiographic contrast studies of the genito-urinary tract
  • Keeping them breathing- brachycephalic anaesthesia
  • Everything you wanted to know about ECGs
  • O 2 breathe O2: oxygen therapy and supplementation
  • Help!! My Wound won’t heal – Going Back to the Basics
  • All a veterinary nurse needs to know about reptiles
  • Anaesthetic Safety – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
  • Why Your Parvo Patient Should Be Fed Right Away – ECC Nutrition
  • Suture Materials – What to Use and When
  • Take a Deep Breath and Ventilate! – Ventilators and Their Use in Practice
  • Nursing Care of the Critical Geriatric Patient
  • Chemotherapy in General Practice – How Can Nurses Get More Involved?
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • How to Become a Good Cat Handler
  • Common Presentations of Dog and Cat Heart Disease
  • In-Patient Monitoring Techniques
  • Assisted Feeding in Cats – When, Why and How?
  • Nursing Hyperthyroid Cats
  • Nursing Care of Urinary Obstructions
  • Abdominal Imaging in Emergency and Critical Care Cases: A Practical Approach for Nurses
  • The Nurse’s Involvement in the Care of Diabetic Patients
  • Dealing with Degloving Injuries
  • Shock – How to Treat it and What it Means for Our Patients
  • Critical Care Nursing: The In-Patient Checklist
  • Hear No Evil, See No Evil: Supporting Deaf and Blind Dogs
  • Nursing the Hospitalised Exotic
  • Nursing Patients with Pancreatitis
  • Anaesthetic Monitoring
  • Nursing GI Cases
  • Nursing Patients with Acute Renal Failure
  • Post-op Management of the Orthopaedic Surgical Patient
  • What’s New in Veterinary CPR?
  • Ouch! Wounds – Current Concepts and Techniques
  • Thoracic X-Rays – All the Essentials that You Need to Know
  • Analgesia – No Pain, A Lot to Gain!
  • Nursing Care of the Recumbent In-Patient
  • Corneal Ulceration in Dogs
  • What is a Seizure?
  • Triage – Your Role in Saving Lives
  • The Anaemic Patient – Possible Causes, Nursing and More…
  • Challenging Anaesthetic Cases
  • What is So Important about Paralysis?
  • Nursing the Airway Patient

Nurses’ Webinar Club gives you 2 nurse logins for the price of one Membership. This amazing value CPD of the highest quality has been designed specifically for Veterinary Nurses. Join now and start enjoying easy online CPD with leading nursing experts. Please call us on 0151 328 0444 if you have any questions or you’d like to join over the phone.

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