MS254 – Becoming the sleep master…Key Concepts of anaesthesia for vet nurses

£227.00 (+VAT)

Join RCVS and European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia Analgesia recognised specialist Jacques Ferreira for three 2-hour sessions. Includes 12 months access to all of your course materials.

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  • Join Jacques Ferreira BSc. (biotechnology). BVSc. MSc. MMEDVET (anaes). DiplECVAA. MRCVS for three 2-hour online sessions
  • This series will highlight the most important considerations for performing anaesthesia safely. Building from the basics you were taught as a student nurse, this series will ensure you can perform anaesthesia with confidence and we will apply what we have learnt to interesting case studies along the way.
  • Comprehensive notes to downloaded
  • Self-assessment quizzes to ‘release’ your 8 hours CPD certification (don’t worry, you can take them more than once if you don’t quite hit the mark first time)
  • A whole year’s access to recorded sessions for reviewing key points (and in case you miss a live session!)
  • Superb value for money – learn without travelling
  • Watch the live events or the recordings on your iPad!



Session 1: Friday 3rd February 2023   2pm-4pm (UK time)

How to create my Anaesthetic plan?

Will focus on how to assimilate an anaesthetic plan by firstly assessing the patient, correlating the history and where appropriate, performing pre-anaesthetic tests. This session will provide practical steps to selecting the appropriate premedication, induction and maintenance anaesthetics and finally, but no less importantly, how to safely recover our patients afterwards.

What you’ll learn:

  • Important physical exam checks not to forget.
  • Understanding how to select the appropriate premedication
  • How to prepare your patient for anaesthesia
  • Gain understanding on when not to use propofol to induce anaesthesia
  • Understanding how to maintain anaesthesia safely. Looking beyond 2% and 2L/minute
  • Making decisions on appropriate fluid therapy plan
  • Key anaesthetic recovery points
  • Appropriate case studies
Session 2: Friday 17th February 2023   2pm-4pm (UK time)

What the bleep…anaesthetic monitoring explained!

Will focus on anaesthetic monitoring. Monitoring of each organ system will be broken up into basic, hands on monitoring as well as more advanced techniques. This approach will ensure you can monitor safely no matter the setup in your practice.

What you’ll learn:

  • Hands on versus hands off monitoring. Pros and Cons explained
  • What should be on our anaesthetic monitoring sheets?
  • How to accurately assess anaesthetic depth
  • Understanding how to monitor the cardiovascular system
  • Knowing when to intervene with breathing. What is normal under general anaesthetic?
  • Why should we be monitoring body temperature?
  • Appropriate case studies
Session 3: Friday 3rd March 2023   2pm-4pm (UK time)

Pain pain go away…! Developing a comprehensive perioperative analgesia plan

Will be dedicated to peri-operative analgesia. This session will cherry pick important, practical tips on how to construct, evaluate and modify your plan both during and most importantly after surgery.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the pain pathway
  • Why NSAIDs are still the most important analgesics.. but there are some important considerations
  • Making sense of opioids. The key points
  • What to do when the opioids don’t work
  • Evaluating your pain plan under anaesthesia and post operatively
  • Long term pain relief post operatively
  • Appropriate Case Studies


The price includes all 3 sessions, notes and quiz – 8 hours of CPD

*No traffic jams, accommodation hassles, pet or childcare, rota clashes, locum fees ……….. just great CPD and a valuable ongoing resource.

*overseas customers will not be charged VAT

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