AD120 – Advance25 Equine Dentistry

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This course commences on 4th September 2023, with the last session taking place on 11th October 2023.  The forum will remain open for two weeks after the last session.


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Advance25TM Courses help you to develop your knowledge and clinical skills in a defined area of clinical practice. These fully flexible online courses include tutor support and interaction via discussion forums. There’s no need to log on for the live sessions as your course materials are all recorded, and you have full access for a 12 month period. The course runs for a six week period, and you’ll get tutor support for a further 2 weeks in case you need to catch up. After that, you’ll still have full access to all of your course materials although the tutor support will end. Complete your learning and get your CPD Certificate for 25 Hours of CPD.

Equine dentistry is an advancing science and a very rewarding clinical area with the correct knowledge, training and approach to cases. An ageing population of horses combined with high owner expectations and competition from lay dentistry groups means that equine vets need the right tools to provide an effective service and get the best patient outcomes. New methods of treatment result in fewer complications and improved results for many dental diseases and treatments. Register for this course and get right up to date with current thinking and protocols. Apply theory to practice with lots of case studies and discussion.

This course of 12 seminars and the interactive discussion forum, will equip you with the most recent knowledge to build the foundation for a rewarding career in equine dentistry, or at least to enjoy this important and growing area of equine practice. We’ll cover the following areas:-

  • Anatomy of the head and dentition
  • Dental physiology and importance to diagnostic approach
  • Equipment for equine dental practice
  • Routine dental maintenance
  • How to examine the oral cavity and teeth
  • Pathology and grading systems
  • Imaging of the head and dentition including radiography and introduction to CT
  • Equipment and techniques for dental diseases of the equine pulp, periodontium and infundibulum
  • Incisor diseases including EOTRH

Throughout the course we’ll focus on practical advice and ‘top tips’ for optimal outcomes. We’ll include numerous case discussions relevant to each topic. Question and answer sessions will allow you to ask those questions you may have never have had the opportunity to ask before, and to resolve particular queries or difficulties that you’ve encountered in practice. Finish the course empowered to get more out of equine dentistry in your practice.

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Tutor : Chris Pearce CertEM(IntMed) CertES(SoftTissue) Dip.EVDC(Equine) BAEDT NRCVS.  European and RCVS Recognised Veterinary Specialist in Equine Dentistry.  Director and founder of Equine Dental Clinic.

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