1824 – Introduction to Ophthalmic Surgery (November 2022)

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11th November 2022, Studley, Warwickshire

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Referral to an ophthalmology specialist is not always an option in practice, so how do you manage those cases that require surgical intervention but which you are not able to refer? This ‘hands-on’ introduction to eyelid and ocular surface surgery will guide you through surgical decision-making and practical surgical techniques for commonly presented eye conditions. After a mix of lectures and practical demonstrations from the course tutors, you’ll practise the surgical techniques you have learned on cadavers. What you’ll learn:

  • Temporary eversion sutures for entropion in puppies
  • Techniques for entropion surgery
  • How to remove eyelid masses
  • How to achieve primary closure of eyelid defects
  • How to carry out keratotomy for non-healing corneal ulcers
  • How to perform conjunctival pedicle grafts

Course Tutors: Jim Carter BVetMed DVOphthal MRCVS Neil Geddes BVM&S CertVOphthal MRCVS

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