1752 – Emergency Surgery (April 2022)

£1,437.00 (+VAT)

4th and 5th April, Studley, Warwickshire

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The very nature of a surgical emergency means that you must make appropriate decisions, and take effective actions, without delay. Your patient’s life may well depend on your actions. On this course you’ll learn how to effectively manage common surgical emergencies that you are likely to see in your practice, for the best chance of a successful outcome.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to deal with pleural effusions and pneumothorax
  • Surgery for diaphragmatic hernia
  • What to do with your GDVs – gastropexy techniques
  • Cystotomy and urinary tract obstruction
  • Tracheostomy for acute upper respiratory distress
  • Splenectomy and haemoabdomen
  • Extensive practical guidance in hands on wet labs
  • Confidence and practical skills you can put to good use with your next emergency!

Course Tutor: Will Robinson BVetMed MSc BSAVA PGCertSAS DipECVS MRCVS

This course is kindly sponsored by Veterinary Instrumentation

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Course Feedback :

“Fantastic! Very nice balance of theory vs. practical, good class size. Really enjoyed the course, learnt a lot! Will feel more confident attempting these cases in future. Great balance of theory and practical.”

“Very good – learnt a lot of valuable information. Very hands on – valuable for everyday use in practice.

“100% satisfied. Very practical .

“Excellent course, well balanced with theory and practical. Great confidence giver.

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