1714 – Practical Lower Urinary Tract and Perineal Surgery (December 2021)

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6th December 2021

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In this jam-packed practical day, you will be taught how to manage some of the trickier surgical situations that can happen down in the dog’s nether regions!

This course will look at temporary and permanent surgical solutions for managing urolith obstructions of the lower urinary tract by having an initial case-focused lecture followed by a clear practical session on pre-scrotal urethrotomy and scrotal urethrostomy. It will then focus on surgical conditions of the anal sac, supplying a clear understanding of the regional anatomy to allow successful execution of anal sacculectomy. The final session of the day will be a comprehensive lecture and practical session on the management of perineal hernias, with clear tips on how to safely execute a robust surgical technique for this potentially challenging condition.


What you’ll learn:

  • Approach to the management of obstructive urolithiasis
  • Surgical technique for pre-scrotal urethrotomy
  • The when and how of performing scrotal urethrostomy
  • Understand the regional anal and perineal anatomy
  • Surgical technique for open and closed anal sacculectomy
  • Diagnosis and Surgical management of Perineal Hernia with an emphasis on successful surgical technique

Course Tutor: Ronan Doyle MVB CertSAS DipECVS MRCVS

Course Feedback:

“Very good day with lots of useful practical information. Ronan Doyle fab speaker as always!”

“Very good tutor, clear and well presented. Practical lab very useful”

“I had a fantastic 2 days. Could easily have sat there for another 2”

This course is kindly sponsored by Veterinary Instrumentation

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