1492 Surgery on a Budget (October 2020)

£797.00 (+VAT)

23rd October 2020, Studley, Warwickshire

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This course will cover three common conditions seen in first opinion practice, where surgery is necessary to alleviate discomfort or to prevent life-threatening disease. Managing these cases when referral is not an option can be difficult but is achievable with the appropriate knowledge and after learning the surgical techniques.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to optimally perform an exploratory laparotomy, including improving access to organs and suggestions for biopsy techniques
  • How to manage a GDV as a single handed surgeon, including medical stabilisation, decompresson, derotation, invagination of necrotic stomach and gastropexy. A practical session will allow these techniques to be practised
  • How to perform a lateral wall resection, followed by a practical where the technique can be practised
  • Principles of mass resection and how to establish if the wound can be closed
  • Practical wound closure techniques following mass resection

Course Tutor: Alison Moores BVSc(Hons) CertSAS DipECVS MRCVS

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