1480 Make the Most of Your Practice Microscope (September 2020)

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29th September 2020, Studley Warwickshire

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Using only real case illustrations and small bite-size lectures in between, this  course will take you on a whistle stop tour showing you what you can get in 5 minutes from your practice microscope.

You can have a real impact on case management in your practice, from diagnosing diseases to monitoring how effective therapy is. We’ll focus on using microscopes quickly, effectively and well throughout this very practical day. We’ll look at areas you’ll need for your small animal patients, from haematology and urine to cytology and dermatology. For each subject areas we’ll look at summarised case information and relevant data to see where using your microscope can really achieve a difference. Improve your practical techniques and ensure that the material you examine is going to be representative and useful.

Specific areas to be covered include:

  • Blood smear prep and examination: anaemic causes
  • Urine prep and sediment: infectious cystitis and crystalluria
  • Ear cytology: smearing and staining
  • Pleural fluid checks and screening
  • Why is it blurred – troubleshooting your images
  • Small Group practical course
  • Hands-on microscopy sessions with help from our expert and approachable tutor

There are a lot of hands on microscope practicals to help you get the most out of the day and take away skills you can put into practice immediately.

Course Tutor: Roger Powell VetMB MA DipACVP DipRCPath MRCVS

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