1467 Putting Behavioural Medicine at the Heart of General Practice (Nurses) (July 2020)

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20th July 2020, Studley Warwickshire

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Awareness of behavioural medicine is increasing in the veterinary profession but there is still some uncertainty about how best to incorporate this service into general practice. This one day course will highlight the importance of considering emotional health in non-human animals and understanding its potential impact on physical health. It will explain the role of negative and positive emotion and explain why life is not free of fear. The aim is to understand the role of fear-anxiety and frustration and learn how to minimise unjustified negative emotions but also accurately assess and manage justified emotions in the veterinary context. The course will emphasise the role of the veterinary nurse in establishing behavioural medicine as an important service within your practice and give practical advice about how to assess the emotional impact of a veterinary visit for your patients and clients.


What you’ll learn:

•    Understand the importance of emotional health in non-human animals

•    Appreciate the link between emotional, cognitive and physical health

•    Carry out a stress audit of the practice

•    Plan appropriate delivery of preventative behavioural advice for puppy owners

•    Plan appropriate delivery of preventative behavioural advice for kitten owners


Course Tutor: Sarah Heath BVSc PgCertVE DipECAW(BM) CCAB FRCVS


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