1313 Ultimate Dental – X-Ray Imaging (March 2019)

£777.00 (+VAT)

21st March 2019, Studley, Warwickshire

Revolutionise your dentistry with this highly practical course! If you can’t see it you can’t diagnose it. The majority of dental pathology is subgingival, making imaging techniques fundamental to effective dentistry and oral surgery. On this course you’ll learn how to take high resolution diagnostic images in both canine and feline cases and identify all the lesions that you’ll encounter frequently in your practice.  Suitable for all general practitioners and VNs, beginner to intermediate level, this course is essential for dentistry and oro-facial surgery. Trial and compare imaging equipment and learn how to choose the best combination for your practice. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to obtain and interpret images, then optimally treatment-plan cases, through extensive wet-lab and interactive sessions.

What you’ll learn:

  • Indications – when, why and how to image optimally
  • X-ray imaging techniques – parallel & bisecting angle
  • Image interpretation – normal and abnormal anatomy
  • Feline & canine dental cases – common lesions and implications
  • Vets & VNs – create a practice dental team
  • Extensive, small group wet-lab sessions in a dedicated teaching centre
  • Equipment – CR, DR, fixed, mobile… learn pros and cons and try a range


Course Tutor:    Alex Smithson BVM&S BDS (Hons) MRCVS

Course Feedback:-

‘Very good content and well demonstrated. Really enjoyed the practical part. Feel quite confident in using the x-ray machine now. Very informative and interactive day. Learnt a lot from this course.’ Leah Reeve

‘Excellent. I learned everything I hoped to. Appropriate group size. High quality of content.’ Lissann Wolfe

‘Love the practical session and actually doing X-ray’. Ali Carter

‘Totally practical and useful in general practice.’ Rosario Gutierrez

‘Always excellent. Alex is always an outstanding teacher, and the patience that Alex and all staff show during the practical sessions makes for a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.’ Jessica Reader

‘Alex is an outstanding lecturer and demonstrator. He is extremely patient and really wants the participants to go away with improved understanding. He is happy to answer any question you throw at him.’ Zamantha Marshall

If you are a Nurse and wish to book a place on this course the cost will be £447.00 + VAT (£536.40) or if you wish to book both a Nurse and Vet from your practice the cost will be £1124.00 + Vat (£1348.80) please contact Head Office on 0151 328 0444 so we can organise your payment

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